In 1998, the first United English was established in San Luis Potosi. The founders decided to open the school after detecting a pressing need for quality language instruction. Together, they examined the Mexican language market and created an English language learning program structured around modern, European methods. The result was a system with smaller classes, an exclusive use of trained, native English speakers as instructors and a flexible schedule. It was an instant success and those three principles remain United English’s foundation today. Since then, United English has experienced rapid organic growth, working with a wide variety of companies in a range of different industries.

San Luis Potosi, where the first United English opened, in 1998.


Our students are as diverse as we are. Executives, college students, blue-collar workers, foreign business travelers, and many more. Having classmates with different backgrounds and cultures from varying countries enriches each student’s learning experience while also providing a rare opportunity to network. Many times friendships or partnerships between United English students occur naturally. Certainly, at United English, speaking a second language isn’t the only thing our students take away from the experience.


At United English, we use a Blended Learning system, much like most colleges and universities in the world. The old saying, ‘the best of both worlds’ summarizes Blended Learning aptly. The system works because having the receptive elements of study (reading, listening, and grammar focus) on-line allows us to make the face-to-face classes production focused, which means fluency increases faster. A student will come to class throughout the week; practice business English themes in class with a trained, native speaker, then go on-line to their private United English Blended Learning account and cement the new language they acquired in class. It’s so simple.


Our TESOL certified staff provides insight and experience from various English speaking countries. Not only do we educate using different accents, but we also teach about the many cultures and traditions that exist within the language. Having native teachers from countries such as Ireland, Scotland, Australia, England and South Africa along with Americans and Canadians, exposes students to real challenges and encourages quicker acquisition. United English is also proud to be able to offer a wealth of knowledge in many different aspects of business. We have experience in areas such as HR development, marketing, finance, management and public speaking, just to name a few. With backgrounds and degrees in areas such as Education, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Business, and even Drama, we give students a comprehensive learning experience that’s both informative and fun.