At United English, as well as having over 20 years’ experience teaching Business English, we were amongst the first language schools in the region to adopt and implement virtual classes way back in 2015. We believe in putting our students first in everything we do, and we want to facilitate learning for those who cannot take face-to-face classes, be it due to their location or, simply, their everyday commitments.

Our online classes allow students to take classes from wherever they are, and at a time that adapts to their schedule. Students are free to organise their own timetable and can connect from any device. Our virtual platform provides an all-round solution which enables us to reach students in and around Mexico.


There are countless benefits to taking classes online. Nowadays, for instance, when the working day is over and done, we are left with very little free time. However, virtual classes eliminate the need to travel to and from the classroom, meaning we can enjoy more precious moments with the family.

From an educational perspective, both the teacher and the student are spoilt for choice with all kinds of videos, articles, podcasts and images readily available at the click of a button. The infinite world of digital resources makes learning both varied and thorough for our students.


“I loved the virtual classes; they are just like face-to-face classes. They are interactive and have a lot of advantages.”
“The classes I took were more dynamic than I was expecting, the platform is a great tool for online learning.”


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Our online courses deliver the same material as our face-to-face classes; however, we’ve adapted some activities to make them better suited to a virtual format.

Although we take full advantage of the ease with which we are able to share videos and other additional resources, we still maintain the same visual impact as a face-to-face class, thanks to the whiteboard and annotation tools.

“It’s very practical, we can continue interacting as though we were taking face-to-face classes.”


Like our face-to-face classes, the online course focuses on Business English, enabling students to develop the necessary skills required in order to communicate effectively in a variety of professional situations, including presentations, videoconferences, interviews and meetings, to name but a few.

On the other hand, we also cover important vocabulary and grammar, as well as the core areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing, therefore delivering our students a programme that is both professional and holistic.

We even offer extra conversation classes free of charge, so that students can gain more and more confidence in their spoken English.

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“I’ve taken my classes and have even tried the extra conversation sessions. I really like the platform; the teachers, as always, are very professional and the material is very thorough.”


At United English, due to our flexible schedule, class sizes vary from day to day. Nevertheless, we always endeavour to maintain small groups in order to ensure that each and every one of our students receives individual and personalised attention from the teacher.

When called for, the platform makes it possible for teachers to divide the class into even smaller teams in order to carry out group activities or share ideas in greater depth.

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“I thought it was excellent. The class flowed perfectly; we could practice listening, reading and writing activities.”


Our online team is made up of the same native English teachers as our face-to-face classes, all trained and qualified in teaching English as a second language, and with vast experience delivering classes online.

Thanks to our flexible schedule, our students get the chance to take classes with teachers from all over the world, and thus expose themselves to different accents, teaching styles, and a wide range of vocabulary.

“Everything is fantastic. I am pleased with the classes I’ve taken. The teachers are so friendly and approachable and their classes are great.”