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Sandi Field

United States
Where are you from?     

I’m from the United States, California.

How long have you been in Mexico?

I arrived in Mexico in July 2021.

How long have you been teaching English?

I’ve been teaching English for a little more than 7 years.

How long have you been teaching at United English?

Since July 2021.

Have you taught anywhere other than UE?

Yes, I’ve been teaching for over 7 years, mostly in Asia. I have taught in Indonesia, China, and Thailand. I also taught for 3 months in Chile.

What do you like about teaching at UE?

Everyone has been very kind and helpful, even the students! I have taught all ages 1-70, but I am really enjoying teaching only adults. I get to have conversations with my students about Mexico, their lives, their hobbies–I really enjoy getting to know my students.

What advice can you offer to language learners?

Be brave! Don´t be afraid to talk to a native English speaker even if you are still learning. If your English is not perfect, we will still appreciate that you are trying. Practice is the most important thing you can do, so the more you talk…the better your English will become!