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Robert Lee House

United States
Where are you from?

I was born Mexico City, Mexico, but grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana. USA.

How long have you been in Mexico?

I’ve lived in Mexico since 1993. I lived for 8 years in Mexico City, 2 years in Cabo San Lucas and then moved to Querétaro in 1999.

How long have you been teaching?

I’ve been teaching English for 25 years.

How long have you been with UE?

I’ve been with UE since 2008.

Have you taught anywhere else?

I’ve taught at different schools in Mexico City and Queretaro. I’m also a certified corporate trainer specializing in Human Development and Customer Service.

What do you like about teaching at United English?

I love that UE focuses on teaching business English in which I can draw from my past work experiences making my classes exciting and relevant to my students.

What advice can you offer to language learners?

I always tell my students that practice makes perfect and to try to put themselves in real-life scenarios in which they can practice what they’re learning, whether this be with friends, family, or English-speaking co-workers, anything they can do to help to continue developing their language skills.