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Norma Arreola

Where are you from?

I’m from Guerrero but I’ve been living in Queretaro for a few years.

How long have you been working at United English?

I started in January 2018.

What are your responsibilities at United English?

As the first person that people see when they come to United English, I need to present a friendly face for the school. Because of this, it is my responsibility to offer a professional, yet warm welcome to visitors. I resolve the queries or enquiries for anybody that works or studies with us and I make sure that things are well planned in order to avoid any possible confusion.

What do you like about working at United English?

Because I’m the first contact for students when they come to class, it’s very important for me to greet them with a good attitude. I like being able to build a relationship where they can confide in me about their experiences studying at United English. It’s nice to hear positive opinions both from the teachers and the students as this is how we build the perfect team, knowing the responsibility that each of us holds makes it easy to create a nice atmosphere.

Do you study at United English?

Yes! From my first class, I was impressed by the attitude and the professionalism with which the team teaches their classes. I also appreciated having a different teacher from hour to hour. This helped me to learn about different customs and makes the classes more fun. I also really like the way that everyone teaches, allowing you to practice the different skills in each class, always with an emphasis on speaking.

What advice would you offer to students so that that can take full advantage of the classes?

Studying at United English is a great experience since having different, native teachers in each class makes it easier to understand the language. As a student, I’d mention that there is a lot of additional material available, such as the online platform. It’s advisable to review the topics that relate to each section by going through the different exercises. In this way, it’s easier when you get into the classroom, allowing you to participate more and clear up any uncertainties.