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Lewis Gillon

United Kingdom
    Where are you from?

    I was born in Edinburgh, Scotland and I grew up in London, England.

    How long have you been in Mexico?

    I have been in Mexico for 3 years.

    How long have you been teaching English?

    I have been teaching English for 4+ years.

    Have you taught anywhere else?

    I have taught English in Brazil, North Africa and Mexico.

    What do you like about teaching at United English?

    I have always said that United English is the most professional and organised school I have worked for. The balance of pre-planned material in-house and more flexibility at company classes is a great balance for teachers I believe.

    What advice can you offer to language learners?

    I believe the most important point to consider, is to practice/study/learn in an environment where you feel comfortable. Confidence is one of, if not, the most important aspect of learning a language I feel, and you do not want to be around people who might laugh at you for your frustrations/difficulties just because they aren’t experiencing the same as you. Try to also practice everyday, and always ask questions if you have any doubts or concerns. Try to always remember it is a marathon, not a sprint! It takes time.