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Helen Yianni

School Manager
United Kingdom
Where are you from?

I’m from Manchester, England

How long have you been in Mexico?

I’ve been in Mexico since January 2015. I lived for 1 year in Salamanca Guanajuato and then moved to Querétaro in 2016.

How long have you been teaching English?

My first teaching job was in Salamanca in 2015.

How long have you been with UE?

I’ve been with UE since January 2016. I started off as a teacher and, at the beginning of 2018, started working as an Academic and Administrative Assistant. I now split my time between teaching and helping with a range of administrative and academic tasks.

Have you taught anywhere else?

I taught at a language school in Salamanca, Guanajuato. It was a smaller school which catered to all age groups so I taught both adults and children.

What do you like about teaching at United English?

I love that UE focuses on teaching adults. I enjoyed teaching children in my previous job but my real passion is helping adults achieve their English language goals. It’s great to see the difference that learning English brings to students’ professional and personal lives. It makes them more confident to pursue their professional ambitions and I just love hearing about students’ successful trips to English language speaking countries. Teaching adults also carries the added bonus that your students become friends that you look forward to seeing. I also like working at UE because of it’s professionalism. It’s a school I am proud to work for.

What advice can you offer to language learners?

The best advice I ever received as a language learner is that learning a language is like being on a roller coaster. There are times when it is hard as you are climbing to the next level, and there are times when you are on a high because you have reached the level and are now enjoying the ride. In the high moments, you feel like you can do anything in the language and in the low times, you feel like the amount you still have to learn is too much. So it’s important to remember in the difficult times that the high will come. Finding something difficult is how you know you are climbing towards your next goal so hang in there