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United English is Queretaro's best English school. Learn with native and certified teachers and a flexible schedule. Fluency starts in 12 months after beginning Starter level. We use TOEIC exams to test levels. Somos expertos en inglés de negocio. Tenemos un horario totalmente flexible y todos nuestros instructores son nátivos y certificados.



The possessive 's

Chris Thompson

One of the most common mistakes we see from students is that they forget to use the possessive 's when talking about the relationship between two people. For example, they might 'say the father of my wife' instead of 'my wife's father'. This is a direct translation, and makes your English sound less natural. Check out this infographic to learn about using the possessive 's, and start using it today.

Common uses of 'Get'

Chris Thompson

The verb get is one of the hardest-working words in the English language. It's everywhere! We use is alone as a main verb to mean buy, receive, obtain or retrieve. We use it in phrasal verbs like get up, get over and get along with. And we also use it with adjectives to show a change in state.

Confusing, right?

Well, have a look at this infographic that explains some of the more common uses of this incredibly hard-working verb. You can also click on the button below to download to PDF version.

Telephone Language

Chris Thompson

Do hate talking on the phone in English? Talking on the phone can be difficult because we can't see the other person's facial expressions and body language. However, if you know the language and expressions that we use on the phone, it can be much easier!

Check out this infographic to see some common telephone phrases.

Click on the link below to download the infographic in PDF format.

Say vs. Tell

Chris Thompson

Say vs. Tell

Do you ever get confused between the two verbs say and tell? Check out this infographic to see the difference.


Click on the button below to download as PDF.

"Turn Around" A Phrasal Verb

Michael Rowley

Phrasal verbs are difficult to learn in English.  You have to simply learn them bit by bit. Here we start with one to get 
you started!


Print it, share it and enjoy!

The United English Team


Ice Breakers

Michael Rowley

A United English Resource - Ice Breakers

Here we give you some good ice breakers to get the conversation going!

Please print, download and share!