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United English es una escuela de inglés en Querétaro, México. Especializamos en la enseñanza de idiomas y inglés de negocios. Ofrecemos clases de inglés en nuestra escuela y en empresas. Aprender inglés con un horario flexible y maestros nativos.

Phrasal Verbs with OFF


Phrasal Verbs with OFF

Dave Cook

Following our series of games with phrasal verbs, here is another game to help practice some examples with the preposition OFF. The verbs we are looking at are: go off, call off, pull off, put off and pay off.

What is important to remember with these verbs is that often the OFF implies a meaning of separation. For example:

I pulled off my jacket. = I removed my jacket.

I broke off a piece of bread. = I removed a piece of bread from the loaf.

In the following examples, some of the phrasal verbs share this meaning of separation, however you should be aware of some additional meanings:

go off - explode or activate
call off - cancel an event or action
pull off - achieve something difficult or unexpected
put off - cause someone to become disinterested OR delay/procrastinate
pay off - to bribe OR to yield results OR to make a final payment of a debt

All of the sentences in the game are examples of authentic language and, as a result, are quite challenging.

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