Here's a video of the news report that we watched in Friday's class.

Don't forget that meteorite is pronounced: /'mitiəˌraɪt/

And here's a list of some of the pieces of language from the class:

  • burning objects raining down
  • several blast
  • trailsof smoke
  • a massive fire ball 
  • appears out of nowhere
  • this what took place
  • what we know
  • a series of explosions
  • eye witnesses
  • molten hot debris
  • widespread panic
  • windows being blown out
  • evacuated
  • no leakes reported so far
  • radiation levels
  • falling debris
  • black smoke
  • shocking developments

Also, Javier was asking about the use the expression "out of nowhere". Here's some information from the Macmillan Dictionary:

out of/from nowhere

appearingarrivinghappeningetcquickly or unexpectedly

The car seemed to come out of nowhere.

The horse came from nowhere to win by six lengths.