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United English es una institución académica prestigiada con 20 años de experiencia en México y es considerada líder en la industria. Nos distingue un método de aprendizaje a la vanguardia el cual es impartido por un equipo de instructores extranjeros altamente capacitados resultando en una calidad académica de excelencia.

Con gusto le proporcionamos la información acerca de nuestro probado método UE Blended Learning de aprendizaje haciendo clic en esta liga (Haz clic aquí)
Nuestros distinguidos alumnos nos prefieren por:


  • horarios totalmente flexibles (Lunes a Sábado)
  • instructores exclusivamente extranjeros y certificados
  • grupos reducidos
  • enfoque en Business English
  • acceso a plataforma e-learning


You will have four face-to-face hours with a native and certified language instructor per week. You will also work on-line in your virtual book to cement your learning and practice your English in between classes. Our instructors are all native speakers with qualifications from Trinity, Cambridge and other such institutions. Check out the ‘Team’ page to meet us.

We keep groups small too. From one student to six students per class. That means you get to your objective quicker. Also, each of our students completes a TOEIC test periodically to make sure they are making progress. Each level consists of around 84 hours including class time and on-line studying. The Council of Europe recommends 75 hours to pass a level on the CEFR.

There’s nothing to lose. Get started and discover your potential.

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Each of our six levels lasts four months and corresponds to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) so for example, it would take a Starter student two years to graduate as Advanced (C1 on the CEFR), which is the equivalent of 851 points plus on the TOEIC, Band 7 on IELTS, A in FCE or 120 on the TOEFL.

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