At United English, we use a Blended Learning system, much like most colleges and universities in the world. The old saying, ‘the best of both worlds' summarizes Blended Learning aptly. The system works because having the receptive elements of study (reading, listening, and grammar focus) on-line allows us to make the face-to-face classes production focused, which means fluency increases faster. A student will come to class throughout the week; practice business English themes in class with a trained, native speaker, then go on-line to their private United English Blended Learning account and cement the new language they acquired in class. It’s so simple..

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Click on the images below to see our levels and a comparison guide to understand how they correspond to the Common European Framework and some the most common exams (TOEIC, TOEFL, Cambridge, etc...):

Comparison guide to United English levels

As you can see, it takes four months to complete each level at United English and periodic TOEIC testing helps us make sure that you are making progress and improving at the right pace.